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No Automatic Tax Increases!
Increase Local Aid for Education & Local Services!
Repeal Common Core Education Standards!
End Illegal Immigrant Benefits and Vote Against Driver Licenses
Pro Sportsmen & Environment
Ensure Veterans and Seniors Receive the Benefits They Deserve!
STOP Abuse of Taxpayer Dollars

Thank you so much for visiting my website. This site is dedicated to my 2014 run to be your State Representative in the 5th Worcester District.

When my political career began in 1994 at the ripe young age of 28, the thought of some day running for the position of State Representative had never crossed my mind. As a veteran, I was always interested in how government works, or doesn’t work, so when the occasion to run for selectman came up I decided to enter the race. After winning a seat on Spencer’s Board of Selectmen I knew I had found my calling. Being raised by parents who had always taught me that you should help people whenever possible, I was pleased that being an elected official afforded me many opportunities to do just that. One of the hardest decisions I have had to make is to not run for reelection to the selectboard in Spencer this year. I knew that in order to make a full commitment to all 11 towns in our district I would need to concentrate all of my time and resources to being your State Representative.

Once again thank you for visiting this site and please do not hesitate to call me personally, at any time, if you have questions that you need answered.

Thank you,

Donnie Berthiaume